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GLM3 Start Minimized

atmanactive, modified 4 Years ago.

GLM3 Start Minimized

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 1/5/19 Recent Posts


Please add Start Minimized Option for GLM3 for windows.



Right now, I need to click minimize manually each and every time I want to power on my speakers, which is several times a day.
Since hardware volume control works only when GLM3 software is running, then, GLM3 software is not just a setup and calibration app anymore.
It is now a companion app and using automatic power-on/power-off setup options, it is correctly turning my speakers on and off.
But, since it is a non-standard window, it doesn't respond to windows built-in start-minimized shortcut option.
Hence, whenever I want to power on my speakers, meaning, whenever I start GLM3, it is right in my face and I need to click minimize to get it off my desktop and continue with my day.
So, the only way to make it user friendly for prolonged, companion-app, style usage is to have an option Start Minimized, which, when enabled would make GLM3 not even show it's screen when started, but just keep it minimized at the taskbar.
I'm sure you already saw many such windows programs. It's a common thing, and GLM3 is missing it.




jani-oksanen, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: GLM3 Start Minimized

Jedi Master Posts: 449 Join Date: 3/30/17 Recent Posts


Thank you for your feature proposal. I've forwarded it to our GLM developers, and the promised to put it on the "To-Do" -list, and do it. :)

I don't have a schedule when this would be available, but keep on looking for GLM updates from our website from time to time.

Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
Customer Support Team

oliverv, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: GLM3 Start Minimized

Youngling Posts: 0 Join Date: 5/25/19 Recent Posts

I have the same issue - any update? Is this still on the to-do list for 4.1? Thanks.