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Back to Genelec : which monitor should I choose ?

talinho, modified 6 Years ago.

Back to Genelec : which monitor should I choose ?

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 4/5/16 Recent Posts

About 10 years ago, I bought a terrific pair of 8020as which I loved... but I sold them in a few years ago, and I really miss them, because I never retrieved the same sound since with other manufacturers.

That's why I'm "back to Genelec".

In the Genelec product line, I found 3 monitors which seem to fit my need (which is basically the same as ever : listening to music with an unbeatable quality/price ratio).

- 8020 CPM ("natural" choice, since I had the 8020A)
- G Two (apparently the same sound, but maybe more simple to use: I dont need any front volume control)
- M030 (on the aesthetic point of view I like them very much, but how close do they sound???)

I will use my new Genelecs in a 12sq meter room. I can feed them via XLR or RCA, no problem.

I checked the forum and I understood 8020 CPM and G Two are basically the same, on the sound point of view.

Can you please advise me ?
My main point : what is the difference, in terms of usage and sound, between M030 and 8020 /G Two ?

I would clearly be glad to choose the cheaper option but I absolutely dont want to be disappointed if any of these options sounded "not as great" as my holy 8020as !

Thanks !

1038, modified 6 Years ago.

Re: Back to Genelec : which monitor should I choose ?

Jedi Master Posts: 340 Join Date: 4/6/09 Recent Posts
As you loved your 8020's so much, i'd definitely recommend either 8020/G2 or the new 8320's...

The 8320's add Genelec's AutoCal into the equation, they cost a little more and you need to purchase the GLM kit (though you can purchase this at any time if budget is tight)

The M series are a great speaker, but aimed at lowering the entry price to get into Genelec, they give great bang for your buck, but the 8000/G/8300 are the best of Genelec's designs...