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The ones for home

treezorro, muokattu 4 Vuodet sitten.

The ones for home

Youngling Viestejä: 6 Liittymispäivä: 15.8.2014 Viimeisimmät viestit

I have a pair of G fours and a F Two sub for my smallish living room and I am thinking about upgrading to a pair of 8351. I have a question about the effects of listing at a distance greater than the about max 2 meters recommend distance for the 8351. And forgive the newbie question:)

I am aware that the 8351 is made for nearfield but does that mean that they are worse suited for a listening distance of 3 meters than a classic stand mount speaker. In other words, what are the compromises of listening at 3 meters distance to a nearfield speaker like the 8351? I realize this is difficult to answer precisely but I’m looking to understand the differences.

I understand that at 3 meters direct sound is no longer dominating but would that not be the case for most speakers? And can the GLM software remedy some of the effects of greater listening distances?



jani-oksanen, muokattu 4 Vuodet sitten.

RE: The ones for home

Jedi Master Viestejä: 449 Liittymispäivä: 30.3.2017 Viimeisimmät viestit

Hi there!

Thank you for your good questions.

8351A are great monitors also in longer distances, and 3 meter is not a problem for them at all. 8351A vs G Four, some of the biggest advantages are the SAM-capability and the 3-way design, and of course 8351A is also able to provide higher SPL as well.

The longer distance you have to the monitors, the more you need to have room corrections done. Therefore the 8351A will be great monitors for home use as well due it SAM-capability.


Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
Customer Support Team

treezorro, muokattu 4 Vuodet sitten.

RE: The ones for home

Youngling Viestejä: 6 Liittymispäivä: 15.8.2014 Viimeisimmät viestit

Thank you very much for the answer.

clearsignal, muokattu 4 Vuodet sitten.

RE: The ones for home

Padawan Viestejä: 50 Liittymispäivä: 2.3.2018 Viimeisimmät viestit

I don't have Jani's experience with Genlec's products, but I'll dare chime in.

I’d say a lot if depends on your requirements and expectations.

If it’s just a matter of hearing a good sound, you could place the 51 two to three meters away. But it’s not going to be brilliant. Speech—if movies are in question—is going to be mildly intelligible; room influence will color the sound once you increase the gain; the imaging isn’t going to be something to write home about.

To enjoy what these wonderful monitors offer, they should be 70cm to 150 away from your ears.  Remember, the nearer they are, the less the room has influence.

Food for thought:

  • To enjoy great sound at 2 to 3 meters away, you need midfield monitors. In Genelec product line, the likely candidates are 1237/8 or the new s360.
  • If budget is a concern, take a look at the 1032. They’re very musical, in my experience, and their size/SPL is more in line with 2 meter+
  • If you have to have the aluminum eggs, consider the 8350. Yes, the 51 is hands down superior, but the long distance would chiseled away at its greatness. I’m not sure you’ll be able to tell the 50 and 51 apart.

My opinion solely—many others may disagree.

photo523, muokattu 4 Vuodet sitten.

RE: The ones for home

Youngling Viestejä: 3 Liittymispäivä: 6.12.2017 Viimeisimmät viestit

Hi, my name is Andrew and I have a pair of 8331's at home in my studio which is 13 feet x 8 feet. I am a drummer and enjoy hearing them even  when I am downstairs.  There is much power in the 8331's and I am very pleased with them. There is 144 watts of power in each monitor. If you can hear them in person that could help with your selection. Good luck.

treezorro, muokattu 4 Vuodet sitten.

RE: The ones for home

Youngling Viestejä: 6 Liittymispäivä: 15.8.2014 Viimeisimmät viestit

I plan on listening to them (preferably in my home) before I decide. With the G Fours (similar to the 8040) I don't feel the lack of power and I seldom listen at very high levels. But its a very good point that maybe the 8350 will be enough. Thank you all for the replies.