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new site design, please change back

fugax, muokattu 2 Vuodet sitten.

new site design, please change back

Youngling Viestejä: 1 Liittymispäivä: 27.9.2017 Viimeisimmät viestit

dear genelec

i knew immediately when i saw your site in 2016 that you guys were the "one"

everything felt unified from the site layout to the core values to the products that those values produce

i became a fanatic, i loved everything about genelec and even became a bigger fan of finland 

but now.. now i don't want to use the word, i almost HATE this new site redesign

total nightmare to navigate and an eyesore on top of it all

please go back to the old layout i beg you guys :(

the first impression i got in 2016 visiting was "WOW" these guys are pretty much on apples design level

now my first impression is.. OMG wtf ..



genelec fanatic
RIP my beautiful angel

edit: for the sake of honesty i might have stumbled upon genelec in early 2017, not 2016. still the 2016 site applies.

edit2: sorry my trashing of the redesign is a bit hyperbolic. it's not unusable or the worst layout i've ever seen, but compared to the old design it hurts me. 

what i'm trying to say is it's not absolute rubbish i apologize, i give the redesign overall a 6.5/10, but the original site was a 10/10 easily. this is why it hurts.. its like comparing matrix to matrix reloaded.

edit3: my immediate discomfort using the redesign is that there is too much information displayed while hovering over the "loudspeakers" category in the top bar and the COLORS do not harmonize as well as the old design.

*LONG post in a bit upcoming about deeper constructive criticism and nitpicks with the new site, skip if too long!*