8330a on 8000-409b

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8330a on 8000-409b

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Is it possible to mount 8330a on 8000-409b without stand plate 8030-408? I live in Zagreb and in March this year we had pretty strong earthquake. Also this is the zone with high probability of recurring I feel that mounting them without iso-pod plates would be safer solution. I am afraid what might happen if the speakers fall from height of 1.5m during the earthquake.

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RE: 8330a on 8000-409b

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There are deep holes in the feet of the iso-pod, which attach rather firmly to a Genelec stand plate. The design is pretty ingenious. We have cats, theyre about 8 on the Richter scale; No issues, even when the whole darn stands dance around a bit. Haven't fallen over either, the base plate is Heavy and Big. (Temporary location, usually my living room 8030's are tightly bolted to a concrete wall.)
​​​The thread is the same with plates or without, but you might actually be better off with that extra bit of isolation.​​