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GLM High Pass Filter

ragera, muokattu 2 Vuodet sitten.

GLM High Pass Filter

Youngling Viestejä: 10 Liittymispäivä: 7.12.2016 Viimeisimmät viestit

Hi all, 

Since some months I have a great 5.2 set up with 8340 as LCR and 8330 as surrounds with 2 SVS 12 inch SB12nsd subs. I am currently using pre-outs from my Yamaha AVR RX-V775. The crossover for Bass is set to 90 HZ in Yamaha AVR and speakers are set to small. The subs are corrected by Minidsp DDRC24 using Dirac 3.0 Live. 

I have following questions:

1. I learnt that Yamaha's mess up the sound between 100-200 HZ. Hence I want to select speakers as Large in my AVR and want to send full range from AVR to Genelec monitors and subs. The question is can I set a high pass filter for my Genelec monitors so that it receives only frequency above 90 HZ and everything below is taken care by SVS subs. Would this also mean that the correction by GLM happens above this high pass filter? 

2. For stereo, I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 as a streamer and a Topping D10s SPIDF/ Toslink convertor. The usb cable goes from RPI 3 USB port to Topping D10. I then use one SPIDF AES cable brought from Thomann into Genelec 8340 Left speaker and then take another AES XLR cable from left to right speaker. I also use a Toslink cable from Topping D10s to minidsp DDRC24. From the minidsp, I use RCA cable to subs. Even in this case, can I set a high pass filter in LR 8340 to receive only above 90 HZ? This could probably be the best way to do bass management for the stereo set up. 

3. Moreover do you recommend 80 0r 90 HZ as cross over frequency. 

4. Currently GLM 3.0 was run and the values were stored in 8340 and 8330 as multichannel set up. Would it be different sound if I have a second run for stereo for the 8340 front LR's? My issue is since the set up is Living room set up, I have to remove the RJ45 cables and they cannot be kept connected permanently. Worse case, I can keep the front LR 8340 permanently connected to RJ45 and GLM adapter. What is the best way to switch between multichannel and stereo for the front 8340 LR speakers? I am ready to do this only it it has a significant improvement on sound quality between multichannel and stereo. Here is a pic of my living room. Can GLM 4.0 store both multichannel and stereo settings together? 

5. Related to above point, is there a remote control which will easily help me to switch between Multichannel and Stereo? 

6. Can I use any WIFI RJ45 adapters to connect all the Genelec SAM monitors and keep GLM on?

Thanks in Advance for all the help!