Red led blinks when apartment lighs are turned on

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Red led blinks when apartment lighs are turned on

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I recently changed from analogue input to AES-EBU digital input on my 8341. I have noticed that the front LED now occasionally blinks red. It doesn’t seem to happen on overload but when changing between two songs with different sample rate. It also happens when turning on a specific light in my apartment. I have the LED set to off in GLM and I’m running with stored settings without the GLM box connected.

Two questions:

1. Is it normal or expected behavior for the LED to blink red when changing between two songs of different sample rate, even when the LED is set to off?

2. I guess it’s not normal behavior for the LED to blink red when turning on a light but does it indicate the speaker is faulty or do you have suggestions on how to isolate the speakers better from other electrical appliances?

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RE: Red led blinks when apartment lighs are turned on

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1. Yes this is normal, this behaviour is useful in a work environment.

2. Also unproblematic, I guess the light that causes this has a dimmer?
This either comes from noisy AC power or RF radiation crossfeed on the cables.
The cables are XLR and should be immune to crossfeed, but a bad dimmer can cause EMP blasts in your flat, so idk.
Since it only happens for a second and we don't have to assume permanently dirty AC, we can ignore the whole thing.

You can try the speakers on different circuits/outlets if you like, but probably not worth the effort.
Nothing's faulty and as long as you don't hear a hum on your speakers, you don't have a problem.
Newer Genelecs like yours have some isolation built-in, this may be the reason you can't even hear the issue.