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Genelec 8330 or 8340?

torpet, muokattu 5 Vuodet sitten.

Genelec 8330 or 8340?

Youngling Viestejä: 1 Liittymispäivä: 21.3.2017 Viimeisimmät viestit
Im about to get myself a pair of Genelecs.

Currently in between A8330 or A8340 with GLM, but with no sub whatsoever, due to neighbours and strict rules.

So here is the clue: Got a small apartment, meaning that the monitors will be placed in a corner, placed on a relativly small desk (most likely 120x60), in front of a concrete wall. OK, so I will be sitting fairly close to the monitors, will not be able to treat the room beyond GLM (my girlfriend will murder me if even mention putting stuff on the walls) due that the setup is in the living room. Neighbours on all sides (up, down, right, left - me in the middle), so I will not be able to have really loud music going on constantly.

For what? EDM production, so I will probably need som lows. Going to start on producing again after a three year break. Is 8340 overkill or will 8340 be the better choice? Can afford both, although saving (alot) of money is always good.

Thanks guys.
ilkka-rissanen, muokattu 5 Vuodet sitten.

Re: Genelec 8330 or 8340?

Yoda Viestejä: 2564 Liittymispäivä: 23.3.2009 Viimeisimmät viestit
There is no such thing as overkill because GLM/AutoCal can compensate the low frequency boost and you can always choose the playback level. If you will play EDM, I think you will appreciate the low frequency extension and SPL of the larger 8340A model even if you could not crank it up to the maximum.
aroom, muokattu 5 Vuodet sitten.

Re: Genelec 8330 or 8340?

Youngling Viestejä: 1 Liittymispäivä: 31.3.2017 Viimeisimmät viestit
Hi Ilkka
Hi Torpet

I have the similar question, have to choose between 8330 and 8340 for a small environment, without sub.

Ilkka, you said that the 8340 would be a good choice, regarding the ability or the GLM to calibrate them for a small environment. but if I refer to this chart ( ... rmance.pdf), the minimum distance for both model aren't the same.

I mean you'll need at least 1 meter to be in the "green" zone with the 8340 and 50 cm with the 8330, right ?

markus-kahelin, muokattu 5 Vuodet sitten.

Re: Genelec 8330 or 8340?

Jedi Knight Viestejä: 109 Liittymispäivä: 16.3.2010 Viimeisimmät viestit

Minimum listening distance for 8340A is about 0,5m so no worries with that even in a small room.