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8250A - correct positioning

swonkmusic, muokattu 8 Vuodet sitten.

8250A - correct positioning

Youngling Viestejä: 4 Liittymispäivä: 2.3.2015 Viimeisimmät viestit
Hello everyone ...

I just bought a pair of 8250A + GLM AutoCal 1.5

By following the instructions in the "Monitor Setup Guide 2013", I calculated and designed the new positioning of the speakers and the listening point, which I think might be suitable for the structural characteristics of my recording studio.

Some of you, certainly more experienced than me in this specific area, could tell me if the measures that I have written in the PDF attached are correct, or give me some further indication to improve this?

If you need more information, please ask me!

Thanks in advance.


markus-kahelin, muokattu 8 Vuodet sitten.

Re: 8250A - correct positioning

Jedi Knight Viestejä: 109 Liittymispäivä: 16.3.2010 Viimeisimmät viestit
Hello Paolo!

The deign is overall very nicely done, thank you for your well detailed question. From our side I am sorry for the late reply, we have been on winter holidays.
The speaker setup is correct and have good listening distance. Here are some general design aspects to consider.

1. The wall angle behind the speakers should be same as the speaker angle, 30 degrees.
2. The speaker setup should be moved closer to the back wall, distance smaller than 0,5m.
3. The ceiling profile shows the height minimum at the listening position, this may result with low frequency cancellations at that point. Ceiling height maximum at the listening position would result with less of that acoustic cancellation. The idea behind is not to have your ear height at the 1/2 point of the ceiling height.

With the speakers sitting on stands, please ensure that they are aimed to the listening position to the ear height.

Best Regards, Markus
Genelec Support
swonkmusic, muokattu 8 Vuodet sitten.

Re: 8250A - correct positioning

Youngling Viestejä: 4 Liittymispäivä: 2.3.2015 Viimeisimmät viestit
Hi Markus, I also have not been quick to respond ... sorry!

Anyway, thank you for your valuable advice ... I will do some testing!

I would still take advantage of your expertise to solve this problem:

The Overload light (red) lights up very frequently, and therefore the limiter lowers the volume ... I know that this is correct ... but my feeling is not to harness the power of these speakers ... especially compared to my previous KRK V8 series2 that were less powerful than the 8250 ...

any suggestions !

My best
1038, muokattu 8 Vuodet sitten.

Re: 8250A - correct positioning

Jedi Master Viestejä: 340 Liittymispäivä: 6.4.2009 Viimeisimmät viestit
The red LED can indicate clipped input signal and clipped digital signal if using AES/EBU, the easiest way to check if it is a clipped input is to simply turn the speakers down, if the indicator is still showing red, it is your input that is the problem not the spl capabilities of the 8250's