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Feedback for the (static noise) regression in the G-series

zemm, muokattu 8 Vuodet sitten.

Feedback for the (static noise) regression in the G-series

Youngling Viestejä: 1 Liittymispäivä: 23.6.2014 Viimeisimmät viestit

I just want to provide some feedback and express my slight personal
disappointment and annoyance regarding the G-Line (G Three) speakers.

I have owned 8020Bs for many years, and have also used 8030As. In my reasonably
quiet listening space (with a silently humming desktop computer), I can hear a
static hiss/noise from both of these to around 1m away when the level controls
are set to maximum. This has not been a problem, because I've been keeping the
level controls at around 50%, and this has kept the hiss/noise under my hearing
level (could still hear it like 20cm away though).

Recently I purchased a new pair of G Three's, and sadly discovered that there
is no level controls (apart from the +10 dB -dip, which I've set to OFF).
The levels seem to correlate with the 8000-series set to maximum, and hence
there is annoying noise/hiss to be heard up to 1m away when the room is quiet.
I keep the monitors at my desk approximately 70cm from my head, and over time
this has caused increasing annoyance as it is unexpected from otherwise
premium product, and consider this a regression over the older 8000-series

My source is a Mackie mixer connected with balanced XLR's, and the previously
mentioned hiss/noise is independent from the source levels and unchangingly
present even when the source is turned completely off or the XLR-cables are
disconnected from the speakers, so it's not a source problem. I've also observed
this with other 8000 and G-series speakers elsewhere, so it's not a unit problem.

Now I understand that the mentioned noise is probably within accepted limits,
I know my units are not faulty, the noise is not really _that_ loud (majority
would not notice), and I might be overly sensitive to the issue, but I just
wanted to express a my disappointment since the problem could previously be
bypassed, and could also with these too if only there was for example some
"50% level" -dip switch or something present in the G-series.

Still, thanks for the otherwise ultimate product! I will stay as a customer
in the future, at least when there is some end level control present in the future
models :)
ilkka-rissanen, muokattu 8 Vuodet sitten.

Re: Feedback for the (static noise) regression in the G-seri

Yoda Viestejä: 2564 Liittymispäivä: 23.3.2009 Viimeisimmät viestit
Thank you for your feedback. The default input gain in the G series is 10 dB lower than in the 8000 series, hence the +10 dB dip to match the gains if speakers are used in the same setup.