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8030+7050 or 8040?

fezedi, muokattu 10 Vuodet sitten.

8030+7050 or 8040?

Youngling Viestejä: 1 Liittymispäivä: 24.9.2012 Viimeisimmät viestit
I have 8020s without a sub at the moment, and want to upgrade to something which gives me a better bass response.
My basic question is, would I get a similar/comparable result overall (bass+stereo imaging+ clarity, etc) if I use 8030+7050 vs 8040 on their own?
I like the idea of not using a sub in my setup if my monitors are giving me enough bottom end on their own. However, if the sub would add a considerable amount of clarity and true-ness in the bottom end, I dont mind going for 8030+7050.
My room is pretty well treated, but isn't huge (9ft x 13ft x 9ft) and my listening levels aren't very loud.
Worth mentioning, that I AM making quite bass heavy music (one reason the 8020s aren't cutting it at the moment).

So, 8030+7050 vs 8040?
Can you please let me know what you think I would benefit most from?
Thanks! :)
ilkka-rissanen, muokattu 10 Vuodet sitten.

Re: 8030+7050 or 8040?

Yoda Viestejä: 2564 Liittymispäivä: 23.3.2009 Viimeisimmät viestit

That's quite difficult question because there is no absolute answer. Of course the subwoofer will add more extension but it can also add more problems because it will excite more room modes (standing waves). When it comes to stereo image and clarity of the mid range, bigger speakers will always win. Since your room is quite small and you don't listen at loud levels, I would be inclined to recommend you the 8040A route. The bass response of them is already so much better compared to 8020s that you won't most probably need a subwoofer (of course you can always add it later if still needed). Can you have a pair for a loan from your local dealer? That way you could test them in your own room and with your own material.