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New home theater

gemdale, muokattu 12 Vuodet sitten.

New home theater

Youngling Viestejä: 3 Liittymispäivä: 28.8.2010 Viimeisimmät viestit
This might be often asked question is this forum, just lazy to finf related topic.
I am going finally rearrange my home theater, and i would like to have Genelec loudspeakers on it.
system will be 5.1, what Geneleg loudspeakers you recommed for that use. Room size is 4 * 6 m.
I do not want use spekers only for home theater, also for listen a music.

Like you can quess, i am totally beginner with Genelec, but still.
One more thing, currently i live in Beijing China, where i can buy these loudspeakers in Beijing?
ilkka-rissanen, muokattu 12 Vuodet sitten.

Re: New home theater

Yoda Viestejä: 2564 Liittymispäivä: 23.3.2009 Viimeisimmät viestit

Welcome to our forum and thank you for your question!

Basically all of our speakers can be fitted to a 4 * 6 m room, it's just a matter of performance requirements wanted, how big you need to go. :)

Can you give me a little bit more information about the home theater you are building:

-is it a dedicated theater room?
-neighbours next to a wall or further away?
-acoustically treated?
-what is the status of the room at the moment, meaning can in-wall or flush mounted speakers still be fitted?
-what's your preference for the speaker type: free standing on a stand, in-wall, on-wall, flush mounted?
-have you checked our online catalogue for speakers that please you visually and size wise?

You should contact our distributor in Bejing, please find their contact information here: ... &area=asia