• Commercial and Fixed Installations

    Discussion related to commercial and other fixed installations like bars, clubs, corporate AV, etc.
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  • Custom Installations and Home Theaters

    Discussion related to home theater applications and custom installations.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions, News & Factory Announcements

    Check this list before creating a new topic. Most common questions and recent announcements from the factory.
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  • General Discussions

    General discussions about the company, personal experiences, recording and studio work, etc, that do not fit under another specific topic.
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  • GLM

    Discussion related to GLM software.
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  • Loudspeaker Technology

    Discussion about loudspeaker design, technical features, recent developments or specific issues related to Genelec loudspeakers.
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  • Marketplace

    This forum is open for buying and selling used Genelec equipment - from user to user. IMPORTANT: Buying and selling on this forum is from user to user. Genelec takes absolutely no responsibility of the transactions. Equipment is sold in their current condition that the seller describes, it is always good to include photos of the loudspeakers in the post. Pricing is agreed between the parties of the transaction. If you have old equipment you want to service before selling on this forum, please contact your local Genelec distributor and their service center.
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  • Professional Monitoring

    Tips, techniques and advices about Genelec Professional series monitors.
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  • Room Acoustics

    Discussion on room acoustics, loudspeaker placements and calibrations or other issues related to acoustical design.
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  • Troubleshooting and technical issues

    Check this category if you have any troubles or issues with your monitors. For repair contact us at
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