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Genelec 8040a with a gain problem (not acoustic, soundcard/computer, cables

robgol, modified 5 Years ago.

Genelec 8040a with a gain problem (not acoustic, soundcard/computer, cables

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I have this 8040a active monitors pair purchased in a store in Sao Paulo - Brazil and they are from 2010. They never left the home studio, except now that I am having big trouble trying to solve a problem that started happening with one of my speakers related to the gain.
One speaker started to sound a few dbs lower than the other (once i had this problem and it was the apogee duet cable, but not this time), and the increasing of this difference became really noticeable, so I decided to take the speaker to a specialist here in town (I live in Brasilia and there aren't many), after i called genelec authorized service from Sao Paulo and after decribing the issue to them, they told me the problem with the gain of my 8040a could be solved by any audio technician specialist.
I took it to the assistance and after checking the speaker the technician said it was related to the amplifier board. So I am testing it now and it did not resolve the problem. Still there, the lack of few dbs of gain when compared to the other. 
Also, I double checked before take those babies to assistance and is is nothing related to the cables neither the sound card/computer/acoustics. The monitor is the offender. When i first took it to the assistance, they thought it was working properly, so I had to take the other speaker from the pair, the one that works great, so they could test and compare them. Afterwoods they found out the speaker has a problem related to the gain. Then, they told me they are having a really hard time with the speaker, and gave me it back today to test. But the problem persists, so tomorrow I am taking it back there so they can continue this saga on looking for what is causing this problem. 
Do you guys have anything to suggest? Any of you has ever had similar issue with genelec monitor ? I know nothing of electric circuits, so I am lost now that the specialists are having this hard time :(
Can you give me a hint?
hj82, modified 5 Years ago.

RE: Genelec 8040a with a gain problem (not acoustic, soundcard/computer, ca

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Sorry about your technical problems..

This is a quote from the genelec monitor setup guide 2017 pdf file, page 13:

"For level calibration, first set the rotary input sensitivity control on all monitors fully
clockwise. Then, adjust each level control so that all monitors produce the same
sound level at the listening position."

Since it seems that you might not have access to a proper genelec service store with qualified technicians, that you would just compensate by turning the level of the broken speaker up until it matches the other one? If you have a measurement microphone you can use it to get very close levels from the speakers. I believe you could even measure with any decent microphone since this is only a levels measurement.

Also, maybe you could sell the speakers as they are (describe the flaw), and purchase some new model with the longest warranty you can get?

robgol, modified 5 Years ago.

RE: Genelec 8040a with a gain problem (not acoustic, soundcard/computer, ca

Youngling Posts: 2 Join Date: 6/15/18 Recent Posts

Peace out

Hi! Thak you for the answer. I checked genelec`s 2017 setup manual guide as you suggested. 

Warranty is almost pointless here in Brazil, because of high values to transport this size of material, besides almost impossible logistics to send it overseas in case needed. Thats why it is important for us consumers to get the rock solid equipment, so u better never need assistance. 

One thing i noticed and mentioned to the technician is that i have beeing using my 8040a for years with inverted polarity caused by a "pattern adaptor" that only recently I became aware it was the responsible for this inversion of fase/neutro in the signal. I was used to get electroshocks when touching devices at my studio, but i never realised it was related to the adaptor. I only took notice about this situation when i read something related in the internet and did a test few weeks ago changing the adaptor. Since then I never got electroshock when touching devices and cables here at the studio. So now that I am facing this issue with one of my speakers, it makes me wonder if I might have done some damage overloading maybe my system signal with a inverted path caused from inverted polarity. Also, for years, I used it with a voltage stabilizator, and now I am aware that this is no good too. 

So, thank you for your time listenning me , and if you know something of electronics and could give me some information on the case i am describeing would be cool.