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Questions on GLM and Monitor Setup

ekkomouse, modified 5 Years ago.

Questions on GLM and Monitor Setup

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I just received my pair of 8351A Monitors and 7370 Sub.  I am in the process of setting them up and had a few questions.

1. During subwoofer setup, I select the crossover of 85 and global settings, then go through phase calibration and saw some conflicting info in the software it says to connect an analog cable from the subwoofer test output to the monitor.  In the GLM 3 operating manual it doesnt say a cable is needed.  Which is it?

2. After performing phase and confirming/saving the group setup.  I open Group>Edit Acoustics All to see the settings of each speaker and under the subwoofer under bass Management and phase, it has bass management frequency bypassed.  This is even though I previously during group setup had it enabled and set to 85hz.  Changing it in this window asks me to re-calibrate phase, which I have done but then the bass management frequency is set back to bypass.  Im a little confused on how to set the crossover and confirm its set.  

3. Is there a way to ocntrol the subwoofer volume only?  Or do I setup another group to push the sub volume up when I want more sub for listening?

4. When I originally setup a group I select GLM Cloud and it uploads the setting.  If I make a change and go File>save, does this also save to cloud?  Can I see all the setup files in the cloud somewhere to get rid of or download?

5. In group setup, when dragging the speakers into place, there are several grid lines, does the grid adhere to any kind of measurement of distance?  Which box should I drag into if my monitors are at about a 60 degree spread from the listening position?

6. I currently have the sub in place according to the monitor setup guide on the inside of the monitors against the front wall but not centered.  It is ok here and can remain but for my desk it could be helpful to move it to the outside of the left monitor, still not centered in the room.  Any opinions on if its a mistake to move it or would GLM compensate for the move fairly well?

7. Is it possible to control GLM with a setparate midi controller or key commands with a midi or other controller?  I would want to control Mute, dim, sub bypass etc.

Thanks for any help!