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8010A or 8020D for digital piano and synths?

luckyluca, modified 4 Years ago.

8010A or 8020D for digital piano and synths?

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 8/24/18 Recent Posts

Hi All,

I'm undecided between the 8010A and 8020D, aiming towards the 8010A:

I'm aiming to get speakers and connect them to my nord lead a1 (and soon nord piano 3). So the aim is good sounding acoustic pianos and lush analogue synth sounds.

I'm going to take hold of the corner of my living room,  nla1 to the left of the corner and np3 to the right. Speakers are going to be near the floor at either sides of the keyboards. So I'll be sitting in the middle of a triangle so to speak.  Any suggestion is welcome!


The key factor is that I'd prefer have good audio at low volume rather than high. Would the 8010A suffice?

I personally like precise flat clear response (i.e I use beyerdynamic DT 770 )




henrikhjortnaes, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: 8010A or 8020D for digital piano and synths?

Youngling Posts: 3 Join Date: 8/24/18 Recent Posts

I have often heard the 8010A when working at a friends house - and I have just purchased the 8020D for use at my own house.

Comparing the two (his by memory), I can clearly hear an increase in natural warmth and body on the 8020D. Room ambience is also about low-end and the 8020D sounds larger than the 8010A because of this. This goes for any volume. I am in a different room to him, of course, but the difference is mostly the speaker itself, I'm sure. The specs also supports this: 8010A cut-off is at 74 Hz whereas the 8020D is 62 Hz. Quite a difference.

I don't know if you need the increase in natural warmth, but I would imagine the low notes on any key, synth or piano will reproduce with more "weight" and fidelity on the 8020D.

lukester, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: 8010A or 8020D for digital piano and synths?

Jedi Master Posts: 296 Join Date: 4/22/10 Recent Posts

within the same series, you always want the speaker with the bigger driver. improoves everything.

volume has nothing to do with it.

very large speakers need a longer listening distance, but that's it.