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What is wrong with the Equilateral Triangle??

nigel-t, modified 5 Years ago.

What is wrong with the Equilateral Triangle??

Youngling Posts: 2 Join Date: 8/27/18 Recent Posts
We have an intern in our studio,

he asked how to set up his speakers, 

I told him to look into the manual of his speakers.

He said the "problem" is that the manual - written by the manufacturer of the loudspeaker - shows a position that is not right for control rooms.

The next day he brought the manual with him.

I looked at the manual and it shows an equilateral triangle with the listener at the tip of the triangle. 

I asked him what is wrong with this setup?

He told me that the listener can not sit at the tip of the triangle - the listener must sit 30 or 40 cm inside the triangle.

I asked him what he would expect hearing sitting inside the triangle?

He said the the stereo imaging is much wider there. 

I told him yes - but it is also not as accuate as at the position the manufacturer would recommend.

I am in the business for a day or two. I saw a lot of weird setups with speakers. But in most cases this was needed to solve bigger issues like a bad bass response or something else. 

I also did a research in the web - and a lot of sites which talk about studio stuff really tell the people they have to sit inside the triangle.

Where does this come from?

The only site i found that shows how it should be done (in my opinion - and somehow in the opinion of a lot of speaker manufacturers) is at the Universal Audio homepage. I attached the pic here.

Equal distance between listener and each speaker - same distance between the speakers.

Toe in the speakers to find the best balance between wide sweetspot and solid center image.

I have done it like this for years. 

Why should someone want to sit closer to the speakers than they are apart? Buying expensive accurate monitors just to make their intended performance worse?

gus, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: What is wrong with the Equilateral Triangle??

Youngling Posts: 6 Join Date: 5/28/18 Recent Posts

Some people say just within the triangle means the speakers converge on their respective ear as opposed to the sound converging on your forehead. A binaural thing I guess. No idea which is true but there are several sources say the tip of the triangle should be just behind your head. 

costakis, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: What is wrong with the Equilateral Triangle??

Padawan Posts: 76 Join Date: 2/13/19 Recent Posts

See what EBU suggests: