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Setup Gen 7040A / 8020D

tschramm, modified 5 Years ago.

Setup Gen 7040A / 8020D

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Dear Genelec Users/ Support,

I'm new to being a Genelec owner and bought a 7040 Subwoofer in combination with two Genelec 8020D. Now I've found myself having some questions regarding setup. It would be perfect if someone could help me out on this.

Situation: 2x 8020D sitting on desk / subwoofer sideways next to a wall (same wall the 8020s backs are turned to). All connected via XLR wiring.

1) Levels: I tried different settings regarding input sensitivity and I've found that the most usable setting is actually turning them all the way down to +6dB. I'm using an Apogee Duet 2 connected to a MacBook Pro and it's outputs are turned to +4dBu. With the Genelecs' input settings as mentioned above I am able to dial in reasonable istening levels with ease. With other setting the speakers were too loud quickly. 

But is there any drawback to setting the input sensitivity that low? (I also noticed that there was a slight hissing sound in combination with ground noise when the Genelecs were turned to -6dB. I got rid of that too by turning the input sensitivity down.) (probably an issue from the house's electronic circuitry) I have also set the subwoofers input sensitivity to +6dB now. Is that a good idea or will the level of the sub be off that way? (The sub can go down to +12dB / the monitors can't)

2) Dip Switches: As I am running the 8020's with the subwoofer, do I still need to adjust Bass? Are the dip switches, e.g. to roll off the bass frequencies to compensate for wall proximity or the desk compensation of any use in that scenario since the sub cuts all the base up to 85 Hz for the monitors if I remember correctly?

3) Mains: I would like to switch the monitors and the sub on and off by using a switch to cut the power. Does this procedure harm the monitors or the sub over time? The auto-on/off function does not work for me and so I would like to be able to switch everything on and off at once without crawling behind the speakers. This also helps in avoiding "pops" that occur when connecting and powering up the interface to the computer by switching on the speakers after everything has been set.

I would really appreciate any feedback on those issues.

Other than that I simply love the clarity and pristine sound of the speakers. They are absolutely true to what one feeds them. So thanks for producing those gems.

Kind regards,

T. Schramm