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8340 - GLM - Level Issue

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8340 - GLM - Level Issue

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Hi !

After fews days of testing GLM manager, with both monitors set in a regular triangle of 150cm, I suddenly noticed that my left monitor - while moused-dragged  - was giving a louder pink noise than its right counterpart. And of course, it was not just an impression, as it was confirmed after calibration with a reading of -10db level correction as compared with its right brother. 

 So, I had to edit and correct level manually after each new calibration, until I find a way around : factory reset on both monitors !


Anyone experienced the same issue?






terzel, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: 8340 - GLM - Level Issue

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I did not have the same but a very similar phenomenon in the GLM (3.1) calibration of my 8341s along with a 7360 subwoofer. The calibration resulted in a level reduction of about -16dB for both 8341s. A final measurement with an external measuring system showed afterwards a level of the subwoofer which was increased by 10dB in relation to the 8341´s. The calibration by GLM was repeated several times and always led to the same result. The linearization by GLM was perfect, only the level ratio between subwoofer and 8341 was not correct. Finally, only a manual level adjustment, -6dB instead of -16db, led to the desired result of a flat frequency response.