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AES/EBU Double stereo

ben05, modified 2 Years ago.

AES/EBU Double stereo

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Hi everyone,

I’ve bought a pair of 1237A a few months ago for my listening room (I only use stereo files, I don’t have a home theatre use).

I want to complete my room with a pair of 8330, to have a “double stereo” configuration. In fact, I want to place the 8330 in rear position and send them the same digital signal as the 1237 ones.

My questions are : can I connect the 4 speakers in serial, using AES/EBU cables ? And if yes, can I set up the 4 speakers in SAM software to have 2 speakers on L channel (one 1237 and one 8330), and 2 speakers on R channel (one 1237 and one 8330) ?

Thanks a lot.

jani-oksanen, modified 1 Year ago.

RE: AES/EBU Double stereo

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Sorry for late reply!

If you would like to listen sometimes with the 8330, and sometimes with the 1237A's it is possible. You can wire them all together, and you can do two different group in GLM to select which monitors you would like to use.


Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
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