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8351 & 7380A Calibration with Turntables

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8351 & 7380A Calibration with Turntables

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I recently purchased a pair of 8351's and a 7380 Sub for monitoring for my DJ setup and for the home stereo.

When using the Auto Calibration, I am finding it is leaving a large bass hole in my sound.

I have tried correcting this in the Room Response Controls, but it just seems to keep sounding thin. I have a tight notch at 39.7Hz for a turntable feedback or room node, but I can't seem to get the low end back.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with setting this type of monitoring system up with turntables. All feedback appreciated.




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RE: 8351 & 7380A Calibration with Turntables

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the notch you're seeing can't be related to turntable feedback.

Auto calibration happens only inside the speaker system, regardless of source.

You can absolutely disable the room corrections one-by-one or as a whole.

It's not unusual to experience auto calibration as thin or a bit over-optimised in home setups.


And again, the source being turntables doesn't figure into the equation.
Or at least i sincerely hope that you're not playing at volumes where feedback would become a problem ;)



also Luke