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8030C and 8030A in ambisonics setup

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8030C and 8030A in ambisonics setup

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Hi, we have 16 8030A in an anechoic chamber and are considering adding 8 8030C for a full circle used for ambisonics and auralization. Are there any problems mixing the two types?

And related: Is the input sensitivity the same?

The system is calibrated with the volume dials set somewhere and fixed, but we would like to turn the VC all the way up for all speakers to avoid accidental misadjustment. Can this be accomplihsed with a fixed attenuation between the loudspeaker and the soundcard? We use a MOTU 24-ch soundcard.

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RE: 8030C and 8030A in ambisonics setup

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Sorry for late reply! We have made 8030C as close to 8030A as possible. They are using the same drivers, but the electronical design is little different, which leads to small differences on the sound. I would say, that in this kind of setup you can mix them.

Input sensitivity is the same for both monitors, and I would recommend to turn 8030A to full volume, they play on same level as 8030C. This way it is easier to configure the volume levels of whole system by using external device such as MOTU 24-ch. 8030C does not have volume controller on the front panel.


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