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8010 bass distortion

johnccc, modified 3 Years ago.

8010 bass distortion

Youngling Posts: 2 Join Date: 4/6/19 Recent Posts

Hello all,

I've just purchased a 8010 monitor (single one).  Great speaker, but like another poster's experience I am getting some bass 'distortion'.  I am fairly ignorant of audio matters so please bear with me when reading below.

My configuration is:  Single 8010 hooked up to laptop via 3.5mm TRS.  Windows 10.  Windows is configured for 'mono' output.

When listening to frequencies sub 60Hz (approx) using test tones or music,  I've noticed a rat-ta-tat-tat sound, like a flapping vibrating sound, or buzzing sound, coming from the 8010 whenever these low frequencies are played.  My specific questions and rationale concerning this issue are:

1)  Initially you may think it's my laptop sound card or the test tones, or the youtube songs I'm using.  However, I have used my laptop with another set of bookshelf speakers with an emotiva A-100 amplifier and never heard any distortion.

2)  Using my built-in laptop speakers, I obviously only hear the frequencies the speakers are cabable of, but the frequencies I do hear are not distorted.   

3)  The low frequency cutoff of the 8010 is 67Hz.  Considering this, why doesn't the intergrated 8010 amplifier filter frequencies lower than this out, rather than passing them to the speaker where they are played horribly?   For example, I used the Genelic g_boink.mp3 test signal and I can hear the 16Hz test tone.  Why doesn't the 8010 amp filter this out?  Whenever I play a tune with frequencies sub 60Hz I get the horrible buzzing.

4)  I've tried the 8010 dip switch settings such as bass tilt and 'desktop' etc but made no difference.

Any help appreciated.  Thanks.  

jani-oksanen, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: 8010 bass distortion (Answer)

Jedi Master Posts: 449 Join Date: 3/30/17 Recent Posts


Sorry to hear about the bass distortion you are experiencing. There should not be bass distortion in any frequency, unless you are playing very loud signal on a frequency that the speaker are not designed for, and the speaker goes to protection mode. Playing the lowest frequencies, the speaker needs a lot more amplifier power, and in normal use there won't be any problems on the mixing or listening music. if you look at the frequency response of the 8010A from the manual, you can see from graph on page 6 that the speaker plays 60Hz, but it needs approximately 10dB more power on that frequency.

Something that can clarify what I mean, you can try to put on sinewave generator as example 8kHz with bearable sound level, and then go down to 40Hz, you should not be hearing much sound. However, if you put 40Hz, and turn up the volume, you can hear some noise, but if you switch back to 8kHz, the 8kHz will play much higher volume and if you want to test that, please wear ear protection. What I mean by this example, is that the monitor can even play lower frequencies that is mentioned on data sheet, but if you would be mixing music with just an 8010A without a subwoofer, you can't mix in frequencies below 67Hz as to play those frequencies you have to crank up the volume to be able to hear them, so if needed to play lower frequencies, subwoofer or bigger monitors are needed.


However, if you hear distortion when playing music, or with the sinewave generator, could you be kind and make an short video with your mobile phone where the sound appears and fill an service enquiry from link below, and we can analyze it and get back to you with instructions on how to get the monitor repaired at your nearest distributor.

Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
Customer Support Team


johnccc, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: 8010 bass distortion

Youngling Posts: 2 Join Date: 4/6/19 Recent Posts

Thanks Jani.  I ended up taking it to the shop and compared it to another.  Same result, but frequencies below 67Hz could not be heard because of the room setup (padding etc).  

I think mine is working as expected.  However I find it strange that the driver should move at all at low frequencies eg 16Hz.  Maybe this is the design.