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Connecting 8330 to audio interface digitally

tstolt, modified 4 Years ago.

Connecting 8330 to audio interface digitally

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I got a set of 8330 a year ago but so far I've only used the analog inputs on them. However, I am now going to get a Audient id22 ( audio interface for my studio, which has optical output aswell so I'm going to transfer to digital connection in order to avoid the extra round of AD/DA conversion.


I've read on the forums that it is theoretically possible to run the signal straight from the soundcard to the first speaker, provided that the cable is short enough (around 1,5m?), and then use a 110ohm AES/EBU to connect the two speakers.


I know very little about digital/optical connections, and I'm unsure about how much the different connections and cables affect this solution. The id22 optical out is (I assume) a Toslink connector, but I'm not sure if there are any Toslink -> AES/EBU cables or adapters available. I've also seen some people recommend just getting one of those Neutrik 75ohm->110ohm transformers right away. I would be interested in trying if the short cable solution would be sufficient (as it is cheaper), I am just not sure what type of cable I am after in that case. Also I am pretty sure the Neutrik transformer requires a SPDIF connector (which I assume is the same thing as Coaxial), and again - I don't know if it's possible to have a cable from Toslink to SPDIF. 


I'm sorry if the question is confusing, I am a complete novice to digital connections so I am very confused myself. Thank your for any advice!

tstolt, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: Connecting 8330 to audio interface digitally (Answer)

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I managed to figure it out, I purchased a 30€ optical toslink - digital coaxial adapter, which I've connected to the first speaker with a short digital coaxial - xlr cable. Everything works great and I have to say I am really surprised by the increase in sound fidelity by going digital!