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Doubt on 7350A behavior

adrjork, modified 3 Years ago.

Doubt on 7350A behavior

Youngling Posts: 7 Join Date: 10/29/15 Recent Posts

Hi, newbie here.
I've just bought a wonderful 5.1 system based on 5x 8320 + 1x 7350,
but I have a couple of doubts (and 3 questions):

When I set OSX (Utility Audio) to 5.1, I can see/use all speakers and woofer. Otherwise, when I set Utility Audio to Stereo, I can see/use only 2 speakers (that's obvious because Stereo has 2 channels only).
But I'd like to add the subwoofer to the stereo setup (simply to compensate the lack of bass of the 8320s).
Now, since all my 6 channels go from the audio-card to the woofer (and then from the woofer to the 5 speakers), do you confirm that, even in a simple 2-channel stereo setup, the woofer works under-the-hood to compensate automatically the lack of bass of the speakers?
In other words, I wonder if physically passing through the woofer ALWAYS adds woofer's bass, even when I work in Audition creating a simple 2-channels stereo project (without woofer specification)?

GLM2 set the default crossover between woofer/speakers at 85Hz. Since my tiny studio is 6 mq (and the distance between me and the speakers is 90 cm), do you recommend 85Hz or less (75Hz or 65Hz)?

Which is the best channels order? 1. Front-L, 2. Front-C, 3. Front-R, 4. Rear-R, 5. Rear-L, 6. Sub. Or another order? Or it's not-relevant?

Thanks really a lot for your kind help.

jani-oksanen, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: Doubt on 7350A behavior

Jedi Master Posts: 449 Join Date: 3/30/17 Recent Posts

I apologize for delay on replying to your post in our Forum. We have reached out to you by e-mail.

Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
​​​​​​​Customer Support Team