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Dolby Atmos Installation in Small Room

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Dolby Atmos Installation in Small Room

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Hello all,

I'd need some advice regarding the speaker placement.

I am finalising a small room to tracklay and premix in Dolby Atmos. The speakers are going to be calibrated via the DAD AX32 and the SPQ card.

  • the surround speakers are 7x 8040As
  • tThe ceiling speakers are 4x 8030As
  • the subwoofers are 2x 7050Bs

*** FYI, I am not aiming to get Dolby HT Certification with this room ***

The room dimensions are:

  • W:265cm
  • L:300cm
  • H:300cm

I am now at the stage where I am placing all the acoustic treatment in the room but I am not sure about how to best mount the 7.0.0 speakers. Stands or wall mounts? As the room is fairly small, I would much better prefer wall mounts as they would take up less space.

If the speakers are wall mounted, to what extend should I be concerned if the rear port is that close to the wall. I know that Genelec advises so but would it be better if there was any bass traps/ acoustic panels right behind them? Would there be any benefit there?

Looking forward to hear back any thoughts.