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8260 better than 8351?

thesam, modified 3 Years ago.

8260 better than 8351?

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 7/28/19 Recent Posts

I'm looking at my first high end set of monitors, and so need a relatively full range system for mixing and mastering. I'm in a relatively small room (4x5m) which sounds small but has considerable space when you're actually inside. I've measured the typical optimal listening position and the room could easily fit a pair of 8260s while still maintaining a large enough equilateral triangle etc for the size.


My question is since the 8260s are an older speaker, whether they sound as good as the SAM 8351s. Based on the specs and descriptions, they seem to go lower and louder (the 8351s don't go as low as I'd like, subs aren't suitable for me). They also have a flatter frequency response. But to anyone who's heard both speakers, are the 8260s as revealing and do they provide as great spacial imaging and sound as the 8351. AKA are they a better speaker if you have the money and requisite room treatments.


Also, are they a relatively similar sounding speaker (compared to other brands let's say)? Unfortunately I can't demo any 8260s here in Sydney that I know of, but I'm about to go listen to some 8351s compared to other brands - I guess if Genelec becomes my preference, I'd want to know I'm listening to a similar sound signature.

1038, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: 8260 better than 8351?

Jedi Master Posts: 340 Join Date: 4/6/09 Recent Posts

Hi thesam, i haven't been on the forum for a long time now, but Genelec have asked me to comment on your question as i have a lot of experience on this exact question. I am the Genelec Product Specialist for Australia, you can contact me directly if you'd like via ​​​​​​​

Your question is a very tough one to answer, both speakers are fantastic, but offer different solutions. I have said here on the forum a few times that in my opinion the 8351 is Genelec's best speaker to date, and i still stand by that... BUT that doesn't mean it is the best solution for everyone. The 8260 has more scale than the 8351, it has more extension and more output, typically in most rooms we install them into we are flat down below 20Hz... They are flexible in their mounting and horizontal placement is a viable solution due to the coax driver...

The Ones images like no other speakers i've heard, and the 8351's are by far my favourite "Ones"... but they don't do what 8260's do...  A close friend of mine owns 8260's, so one day i eagerly visited him with a pair of 8351's to allow him to compare... side by side in his room which is massive, it is a factory space essentially, so L 25m x W 10m x H 6m. In this room the 51's couldn't compete with the 60's there was no contest....

Once i know more about your needs, what type of content you work on and what typical SPL you are monitoring at, i can give more specific advice. One thing to note, there has been much talk of the newer smaller ones 31's and 41's being superior to the 51's as they have more powerful processing and more filter choices, i totally discount this theory, i spend most of my life critically listening to all sorts of different installs and helping users exploit the most performance from their monitors.. The tech in the 8260's, 8351's and all the Genelec Main Monitors is well up to scratch...

Contact me, Steve at Studio Connections and i'll see if i can arrange something for you.. We have just sold a pair of 8260's into a Sydney facility after discussing very similar questions to yours.

audiophool, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: 8260 better than 8351?

Youngling Posts: 2 Join Date: 7/27/19 Recent Posts
Steven Spurrier:

One thing to note, there has been much talk of the newer smaller ones 31's and 41's being superior to the 51's as they have more powerful processing and more filter choices

They also measure better, both on and off axis.