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5.1 system

huongle08, modified 1 Year ago.

5.1 system

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 I set up a 5.1 system, they got: five 8040´5, a 7050B sub and a 8200A loudspeaker manager but
it seems that none of the systems work well together in the first place.

jani-oksanen, modified 1 Year ago.

RE: 5.1 system

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Hi there,

You mean the GLM loudspeaker management? It is designed to be used only with our SAM-monitors. If you would like to calibrate the 8040's and 7050B to your room, it would be needed to use the DIP-switches.

Also the 7050B has been designed to complement a pair of 8030A or 5 x 8020A/B. On the 8030A / 8020A/B there is one DIP switch (switch 2 - Bass roll-off) that sets the high-pass response of the loudspeaker to complement the low-pass energy (below 85 Hz) reproduced by the 7050B. In short half the filtering is done by the 7050B and half by the 8030A / 8020A/B. This why the perfect match exist for these two loudspeaker models.

In the case of the 8040A, the Bass roll-off maximum setting is -6 dB at 45 Hz (not 85 Hz as in 8020/8030) due to the much lower LF extension of the 8040A. So, if you set the -6 dB Bass roll-off on the 8040A (meaning you High-pass the 8040A), it will not properly complement the Low-Pass of the 7050B at 85 Hz.

The system will work and you will not break anything, but the response around the crossover region will not be smooth. Between 45 and 85 Hz you might have either dips or bumps in the response depending if you end up having positive or negative summing of the LF energy at the listening position. 

Also, in terms of level calibration, the 8040As will produce more SPL so the 7050B can't cope with them at higher SPL. In other words you are limited to max SPL of the 7050B which is considerably lower than the max SPL of a pair of 8040As.

Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
Customer Support Team