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Home theatre thoughts

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Home theatre thoughts

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Hi there, I am a lucky owner of G5 Genelec speakers. I use Gustard H20 as a DAC and prep amp + Bluesound as a source. These days I started thinking about home theatre. Unfortunately my room isn't that big. For stereo I have all length of the living room (4-5 meters), but when it comes to the home cinema the space is down to 3.5 to 3,5 m. The TV is positioned along the long wall but the speakers currently are along the short wall.

Anyway, do I need a front speakers in such small environment made G5? If so what speakers should I consider for my center and rear speakers? Do I need a sub for my G5 in 5.1 (5.0)? If so which one would work the best from previous generation? F two seems small, but 7060 should work, isn't it? 


If G5 is too big for my space should I consider 5.1 based on 8010's and 7040?


Thank you all in advance,



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RE: Home theatre thoughts

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Hello Kyrylo

You have to use a sub for the LFE channel. So, you cannot avoid it :) 

You have to check the output of the G5s according to Genelec. Then you have to check the seating position of yours and the distance from the speakers. In my opinion the requirements for proper placement of the speakers will drive you to a smaller system. I would recommend you 5 pieces of 8020 or 8030 (or 83.. series). Then if you want to have enough bass, as well as easier to install then you can use 2 pieces of 7050 (or 7350). If you go for the 8030s then you need at least 2 pieces of 7050. The placement of the speakers is critical and is well described in the guide issued by Genelec. 

In the end (or beginning :) ) you will need of a processor, preferably with XLR outputs.

It will be a nice system :) 

Best regards