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Noise in G3s - Looking for solution

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Noise in G3s - Looking for solution

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Has anyone else experienced noise in their Genelec and found a solution? I have the G3s and use them as near field monitors in my study. Later in the evening, when the room is very quiet, I can hear an audible hiss at normal listening distances (e.g. around 1m from the speaker). I wouldnt expect this from a £1,000+ pair of monitors so I assume it is as a result of noise on the power supply? I was considering buying a power conditioner to see if that helped but thought I woudl check on here first as power conditioners are often critised for being a con. Any thoughts would be welcome! 

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RE: Noise in G3s - Looking for solution

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The hiss is normal. the hiss is different in every genelec speakers(models), some have more, some less. Not sure if a power conditioner helps in this case, doubt it..