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GLM 3 Muting my 8320A Pair

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GLM 3 Muting my 8320A Pair

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I just purchased a pair of 8320A monitors as well as the GLM 3 kit.  I've done my calibrations but it seems that every time I launch a Pro Tools session my speakers are muted until I launch the GLM software!  I believe I have disabled anything that has to do with sleep yet it consistently mutes my monitors until I launch GLM.  Can anyone please help me?

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RE: GLM 3 Muting my 8320A Pair

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I suggest that you power up the GLM box with a USB cellphone charger etc and Enable USB controller in GLM setup menu. Then you dont have to open the GLM software everytime. Remember to store settings in your monitors also, I suggest to use ISS.

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RE: GLM 3 Muting my 8320A Pair

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It's a bit of either-or; If you want to connect the GLM brain to your computer you'll practically need to run GLM software too - but that's a choice to make, not a requirement.

In any case, configure the GLM software NOT to power off the monitors at exit; Have ISS power them off after a while without input instead. Unless you want to run the GLM software, store settings and power the GLM unit from an external source, as already suggested.

The 'Enable USB controller' is just for when GLM software is running and you have a Griffin Powermate, I think..?

​One way to cope with sometimes using GLM software and sometimes not is a powered USB hub - which actually is externally powered, not just one with the capability. Disconnect the hub from the host and the brain is forced to go independent, using stored settings, with the wired volume control still working.

​​​​​​​I use a tiny 4-port powered USB 3.0 hub with individual push-button on/off switches and status LED's; Easy to leave out and reboot peripherals. Got mine from Aliexpress, ACASIS brand - very nice quality, no power supply included (takes any micro-USB, 2A+) and it has a very short, fixed host cable, though.