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Room EQ Wizard analysis shows minimal difference with GLM on vs bypassed

elliotp, modified 4 Years ago.

Room EQ Wizard analysis shows minimal difference with GLM on vs bypassed

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I am a hobbyist and I have a home studio that is fairly well treated and a pair of GLM-calibrated 8341A monitors (no subwoofer).

I've noticed that my mixes don't translate well (WAY too bass heavy or "boomy" when listening in the car).   I've tried using Room EQ Wizard to look at an analysis with a sine-wave sweep and it seems like there is not much of a difference when comparing the GLM on versus bypassed.  I tried speaking to my distributer and checked the Genelec YouTube instructional videos and so far I can't find anything I'm doing wrong during my GLM calibration.

My understanding of the Genelec GLM system is that the sine wave sweep listens to your room and then automatically calibrates the EQ on the monitors to adjust for problems/imperfections in the room.  The -stored switch on the back of my montiors is ON.  For GLM calibration and I used the included Genelec microphone.  For Room EQ Wizard measurements I used a Behringer ECM8000 pointed towards the ceiling.

My room measures 4.1 m (width) x 5.9 m (length) x 2.8 m (height) and my studio monitors are pointed down the length of the room.  I have large Rockwool frequency absorbers floor-to-ceiling in the corners of the room.  I also have 10cm deep (0.76 m height) fiberglass absorbers (Owens Corning 703) on the floor across the front and back walls (spaced 5-8 cm away from the walls), 10cm deep free-standing fiberglass absorbers on the sides and ceiling to help create a reflection-free zone, and 8 diffusers/absorbers (purchased from a reputable company) spaced out on the side and back walls behind my listening position.   I used the mirror test to determine the best location for the side and ceiling fiberglass absorbers, and to minimize desk reflection.  The speakers are placed on a pair of 'Ultimate Support MS-100B MS Series' studio monitor stands.  My listening position is setup with an equilateral triangle 0.9m in length on each side; the listening height is approximately 1.06 m, centered in the room width-wise (2.05 m on either side), but due to furniture/spacing issues I had to begrudgingly place my listening position at 1.3 m down the length of the room (1.3 / 5.9 = 0.22) so I understand there may be issues as a result of this. It was my hope that the GLM system would help me the rest of the way to getting mixes that could translate relatively well (for a non-professional studio), but it appears there is additional work to be done.  I believe the next step is to make sure I am getting the most out of the monitors and the GLM system.

I've attached images of my SPL levels and Waterfalls obtained using Room EQ Wizard with the GLM on and bypassed. 
Any help is appreciated.  Let me know whatever else you need.  Thanks!

jani-oksanen, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: Room EQ Wizard analysis shows minimal difference with GLM on vs bypasse

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Could you be kind and send the GLM calibration setup to our official support e-mail which is and we will get back to you shortly.

You can get the file by going to GLM|Help|Export Setup to Desktop, and attaching the file on e-mail.

Best Regards,
​​​​​​​Jani Oksanen
​​​​​​​Customer Support Team

gus, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: Room EQ Wizard analysis shows minimal difference with GLM on vs bypasse

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My guess is you have your listening position in a null which no amount of glm or equing will be able to correct. Either that or there's something wrong with your unit.