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8030C placement in front of glass window

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8030C placement in front of glass window

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Hello. I'm trying to squeeze my old home-studio gear into a loft space. It's very non-symmetrical so am not expecting much re. acoustics, but would like to know if it's worth moving the monitors closer to the glass. Current distance is 40cms to allow easy access for wiring, but this is no longer necessary.

If I move them closer to the glass, the mixer and racks could also move so the listening position would then be further away from the rear sloping roof and velux window. Would this be a better compromise? If so, what DIP switch settings would you recommend for the 8030s?
The distance from the rear wall to the glass is 2.8m.

I have some acoustic tiles from a previous layout, so there's still scope for treating the roof and/or end concrete wall if necessary... but obviously not the glass window :)

Ignore the Dynaudio monitors - I realise they are far too big for the room, but have had them forever and don't want to get rid of them! The new Genelecs seem to work very well during initial tests - very precise and revealing.
Many thanks.