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Home Theater with Genelec

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Home Theater with Genelec

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Hello friends, I am wanting to build a 5.1 system and would like to know if there is a preamp or a bluray that can be connected directly to my speakers. 1 sub 7260 5 speakers 8240 Thank you very much

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RE: Home Theater with Genelec

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For an analog connection: any preamp will work.

for digital: this will get complicated.


I'm a studio guy, so i don't know a whole lot about preamps.

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RE: Home Theater with Genelec

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As Jedi says, for analog you can use any pre-amp or AVR with pre-outs.

That runs the gamut from standard consumer AVR's with RCA outputs (Matantz/NAD/Arcam/Denon/Yamaha etc.), slightly more expensive consumer pre-processors with balanced XLR outputs, onto high-end and more commercial/installer focused preprocessors from the likes of Datasat, Trinitov, Storm etc. with prices tags to match.

There are also a bunch of units from the likes of Emotiva and IOTA with balanced outputs which seem to be built around the same board / architecture, I wouldn't use the inbuilt room EQ on them (I'd stick with GLM) but they're fine for switching inputs and controlling volume.

In terms of digital (AES/ABU) that gets tricker, as far as I know you're either going to have to go with a computer (with an internal or external AES/EBU card) as your playback source — that gives you a world of options but may be limiting if you want to have other HDMI based source units. An expensive commercial unit like a Datasat R20 with AES/EBU outputs. Or something like an OPPO BluRay player with a Vanity203HD AES/EBU board - but that also may be a bit limiting in terms of functionality. There's also this unit from Arvus that converts from HDMI to 8 channel of AES, but have no experience of it myself and you''d  probably still need some kind of AVR or preprocessor to handle volume, input switching and conversion of decoding down to 8 channels of LPCM.