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8020dpm position

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8020dpm position

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Hello Genelec comunity, I am new user of Genelec 8020’s and I have them in 5x4m room 5cm from the window (there was no another/better option to place them, see the photo)
One monitor is near to the corner, so I turned on switches for -6db of bass and on another monitor just -2db of bass because it’s not too close to the corner of room. And I turned on “-200hz switches” as they are placed on the boxes from mics on the desk. But now I have quite lack of bass in front of monitor (1m) but in the back of room there is quite o lot of bass. The rooms is untreated, so it could be some kind of standing waves, my question is how to achieve better bass response in monitoring position, because now I am “blind” when mixing.  

Thanks for every response.

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RE: 8020dpm position

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The position of your speakers is wrong. Also, the 8020 are little monitors, your expectations to monitor precicely the bass in a relatively large & untreated room are poor. My recomendations to you include:

- Read carefully the monitor setup guide: This is a fantastic guide! It includes all you need to know and follow :)

- After reading the guide, find a better position for your speakers and ensure that the placement of them following the guide (triangle between them and you, facing to you). 

- You need to buy a subwoofer, it's impossible to expect that such a small speaker could work precicely in such a large space. Again the guide explains why and how. Also, you need to buy a pair of descent stands for the monitors. 

- Acoustic treatment of the room is important. This is costly, requires a professional to install and it cannot solve all the defects of the room :)