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macOS Catalina Update?

rkilbashian0823, modified 3 Months ago.

macOS Catalina Update?

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Please...When will we have a build that works with Catalina? I purchased new Genelec reference monitors as well as GLM and not knowing GLM is not Catalina friendly I cannot get it to work.  It has been several months since I reached out to support and every day I check your site in the hope that there is something / anything, a Beta that I can try.  I've wasted a bit of money and cannot use your product.  I suggest that you offer some type of update on your site other than the generic post that has been there all along.  What can you tell Disappointed

jani-oksanen, modified 3 Months ago.

RE: macOS Catalina Update?

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​​​​​​Hi There,

Thank you for reaching us. All updates regarding GLM update will be updated to link below. Please check the link below, where you can find the latest information of the upcoming updates and some alternative workaround solutions until the GLM 64-bit version is released.


To participate the GLM beta testing, please check the link above where you can find instructions to participate the BETA-testing, and we will be in touch as soon as we have the Beta version ready to share. Estimated time for GLM 64-bit version for MacOS Catalina would be in the end of April.

Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
​​​​​​​Customer Support team