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GLM monitors with non-Genelec SUB, Genelec GLM DAC?

sebackman, modified 3 Years ago.

GLM monitors with non-Genelec SUB, Genelec GLM DAC?

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Dear all,


I know this topic has been up in the past but maybe there has been some progress or some new insights.


I'm upgrading my near field monitors from a different brand to Genelec 8330's with GLM but I do want to keep the sub as it is very good and more than up to the job.

A sub with equivalent performance from Genelec would be very nice but is rather expensive (7370/7380) when I already have one with desired capability. And I actually have two that are also used with the main monitors.


The current sub does not have a digital input and that would probably not have helped as there in no way to use volume control in GLM for an external unit. -Or is there a way to use the GLM data signal to control an external volume control?


What I would need is a Genelec GLM DAC with the same volume control as in the speakers but with analogue out. That would basically be the network and digital portion from a Genelec sub but without amplifier the and the woofer.


Is there anything like that available or planned? Anyone else solved the problem?


I can of course feed AES to the Genelec's and via a separate AES/DAC to the sub, but then I would not be able to control the volume for the sub. I guess that GLM box can control volume in the 8330’sregardless if the speakers are fed from the GLM box via RJ45's or by AES.


Or feed the 8330’s analogue together with the sub from a separate DAC with volume control. That is not really desirable as there is no volume control on the speaker which means that when playing on low to moderate levels the signal in to the Genelc 8330 ADC would be very low and probably effect S/N and resolution.


All input very much appreciated.


Kind regards




jani-oksanen, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: GLM monitors with non-Genelec SUB, Genelec GLM DAC?

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Hi Rob,

I'm sorry I have to just reply quickly now, recommended subwoofers for pair of 8330A is 7350A, and for 5.1 system 7360A. With these subwoofers you will get perfect sync and calibration, with other brand subwoofers we can't promise that and the whole system may not sound correctly.

Maybe some of Genelec users could give more information, if anyone has experience on this more, and if you have any direct questions to Genelec please send e-mail to and we will get back to you.

​​​​​​Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
​​​​​​​Customer Support Team