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GLM 3.2.0 level meter, multiple regressions

janne-koo, modified 3 Years ago.

GLM 3.2.0 level meter, multiple regressions

Padawan Posts: 73 Join Date: 10/26/15 Recent Posts

Just installed GLM 3.2.0 on my 13" MBP. Screen real-estate is really precious with small screens, ie. all laptops, small ones more so. The new level meter, though the new features of it may seem a nice idea, is much worse than it used to be.

The old meter window could be resized to quite small dimensions, while still providing level info at a reasonable font size and update rate. ​

The 3.2.0 level meter is almost three times as wide, does not scale/resize at all, is still only black-on-gray (no dark mode) and worst of all, the mic level now updates much too frequently, it's just way too busy to keep open - and this is what I need most from GLM, the only reason why I keep it running at all times.

Who ever thought it'd be a good idea to update the mic level several times a second? Once a second (or even slower) is enough - measure frequently, yes, but only show the peak value!

The level control buttons don't work with a volume controller attached - they should be hidden if this is intentional.

So, what I'd very much like to see:
* Mic level: 1 Hz or adjustable update rate (sample more frequently, show peak, or options)
​​​​​​​* NARROW window with little wasted space, resizeable, scalable, the numbers should scale
​​​​​​​* Dark mode at least for the level window - for the main window, not important.
​​​​​​​* Lose the volume control buttons when they can't be used. Useless anyway.
​​​​​​​* How about some lightweight API to push or provide master and mic level data? Could build an external display...

Went back to 3.1.1; Attached is a level meter screenshot from it. The window could still be much smaller, even with bigger numbers.