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Travelling Home Theater

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Travelling Home Theater

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Hi.  We move every 3-4 years due to work and we have to travel light as shipping our stuff in containers from place to place is not an option.  I'd like a decent sounding system for a change so I am looking to purchase five 8320's with the GLM Package to travel with.  Is it possible to create a quality sounding home theatre/audio system with the five 8320s & a 2015 Macbook Pro, maybe a small preamp processor, and several external hard drives full of high-quality rips of my Blu Ray and Audio (FLAC's) collection running on PLEX Server?  Living Room sizes are usually in the  1200 - 1500 cubic foot range  (14 x12 x 9 FT).  Thanks in advance for any thoughts & recommendations.

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RE: Travelling Home Theater

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I'd like to talk you into 2 bigger sperakers for better L/R

like 3x 8320 and 2x 8341.or 2x 8340

If your macbook is the only source then you can use GLM volume control instead of preamp. Is inasnely good.

Comes with a volume knob or remote control. Then you'd only need a cheapish soundcard with about 3 digital outputs to feed the AES inputs of the speakers.