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4420A Smart IP Installation Speaker

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4420A Smart IP Installation Speaker

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With the release of the new Lyngdorf MP60 which supports Dante I see an opportunity for IP speakers like the 4420 or 4430 to be employed in an up to 16 channel configuration of home theatre goodness. The big advantage of such a solution would be the single ethernet cable required to deliver power (PoE), signal and control. I imagine that such a system would be or could finally be compatible with a remote control system like Crestron or Control 4 that would go well beyond tinkering with a computer and a black knob (I don't mean anything rude - please read: the 9310A volume controller).  

I would be very interested in building such a system. Except I can't. The Smart IP Manager software is available to "Smart IP Certified partners" only. The speakers are not available to buy (yet?) and there is no mention of a price. 

I would argue that such a system would be no more complex to set up than a GLM managed kit. In fact I would argue that the GLM kit, available for free to all, once the hardware is purchased, is a lot more valuable than an IP matrix. Dirac sells for some 500£ after all and one has to buy the microphone on top of it.

I understand that for many people a PoE switch, IP control etc are weird science but for those of us who can, and know, and like to tinker, why build a Trump wall and keep us out? After all anybody can buy a Lyngdorf MP60. Or a Trinnov. Or other brands of IP speakers. Like Sonos. Where would they be if their system would be "installer" only?

I will never pay an extortionate installer fee to put 16 speakers on the wall, lay an ethernet cable between them and then click click click on a computer to set them up. Other people might. But it seems Genelec wants a slice of this very lucrative market and must have exclusivity contracts in place. 

 So, as far as I am concerned, this is another missed opportunity for Genelec, after the Catalina GLM fiasco (which resulted in selling all my Genelec kit - the Ones etc). Just when Genelec was about to tempt me again, some business decision ruined the prospect for me. All I can say is thanks for saving my money!