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Drum Set in the Studio – how to avoid resonances

papafabio, modified 1 Year ago.

Drum Set in the Studio – how to avoid resonances

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Hello Community


I have to leave the place where I setup my studio 10 years ago so I am looking around for rooms in which setup my studio.


It might be that I will be able to move in a room-in-room space built on purpose as control room / drummer rehearsal room. If the project works out the way we hope, I will have to share the room with a drummer. I very much like the room, no daylight but room-in-room and proper HVAC – a nice upgrade from a repurposed former office turned into a studio with tons of rockwool J


Even though I have a SAM Setup (1x 7360, 2x 8341A) I realize no software can overcome the unavoidable resonances of the drum kit so I would like to ask if anybody has experience in damping a drumkit so that it doesn’t resonate. I guess thick blankets on hats and cymbals should do, but what about the tomtoms, bassdrum and snaredrum? Have these to be filled with fabric because just covering them won’t be enough?

The room is not finished yet so I can’t do any tests just yet.