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Monitor controller and manage levels

duyvh0309, modified 3 Years ago.

Monitor controller and manage levels

Youngling Posts: 3 Join Date: 6/17/20 Recent Posts

Recently I bought Coleman M3PH MKII to connect D-A converter to genelec 8020a and JBL 4425 hi-fi set.
But, I found that it causes some tone loss.
(it may hasn't burned up yet- Does unit like that need burning up?)

I want to listen to the whole detail of D-A converter sound. I want perfect sonic integrity.

So I'm on the crossroads again.

1. Try another controllers.
High-end : Cranesong- 'Avocet', Dangerous Music- 'Monitor'
Same price league with M3PH : SPL- '2Control', Presonus- 'Central station', Dangerous Music- 'D-Box'

2. Try Midas- 'Venice' console

3. Don't use monitor controller. Connect D-A and 8020a directly. And reconnect connectors to exchange to 4425 hifi set by myself when I need.

I don't know how to build up my monitor chain and manage levels of DAW master fader, monitor controller and 8020a's gain knob
(What o'clock is 8020a's unity gain, and Is it OK to turn 8020a off by reject plug off- I wanna fix the gain knob
And, how 8020a's input level limit? 18dbu? ).

Again, I want sonic integrity.

Any advice, I would very appreciate it. Thanks!


lukester, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: Monitor controller and manage levels

Jedi Master Posts: 296 Join Date: 4/22/10 Recent Posts


Monitor controllers shouldn't need burn in. But yes, in they can be really difficult.
​​​​​​​And no matter how much money you spend, if it has a potentiomener it will fuck up at some point afaik.

In analog you need stepped units that have anything between 7 and 30 discreet volume levels,
​​​​​​​sure some or all contollers on your list are like that.
Other than that, digital mixers are very reliable, also work for ever without crunchy sounds.

The volume conrol knob for new genelec speakers is digitial, works perferct every day.
Repacing 8020 with digital genelecs should be cheaper than high end monitor controller.