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No sound with new subwoofer (7360)

viktorl, modified 2 Years ago.

No sound with new subwoofer (7360)

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 1/7/18 Recent Posts

Hi, I just bought a new 7360 subwoofer that I use with my 8351's through an AES/EBU connection from my RME interface. Everything is hooked up in GLM and it looks green. The physical connections are RME --> 7360 --> 8351 --> 8351 in that order. In the autocal setup I heard the test sounds from all 3 speakers but once it's done and I play audio from my computer there's nothing from any of them. When I take the 7360 out of the equation and just go straight to the 8351's it works and I hear things fine. Any idea of what could be wrong here?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



rubensdb, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: No sound with new subwoofer (7360)

Youngling Posts: 7 Join Date: 6/24/20 Recent Posts

I assume you are using dedicated AES / EBU 110 ohm cables and not standard cable for analog connection, right?

Is the routing in the RME Totalmix correct in terms of the audio output to the monitors?

xoran, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: No sound with new subwoofer (7360)

Youngling Posts: 7 Join Date: 1/8/20 Recent Posts

@viktorlofgren Viktor, i once had a problem that i could hear sound from L and R speaer (8330s) but not from Subwoofer (7350) .... GLM showed everything was fine but not that subwoofer had any signal. Yet since signal was 1st going to subwoofer and then from it to L and then R speaker how was that possible ? 

Well answer was simple - i was dumb enough to connect digital out via AES/EBU cable from my workstation to Subwoofer ANALOGUE in (and then routed it out to the next port on the subwoofer which was analogue out).

Obviously digital signal is still just voltage that changes and L & R speakers were getting still good signal ... but subwoofer was not getting any digital signal. I was surprised that digital signal did get through analogue ports on 7350 but maybe i shouldn't have been surprised. 


So net - just check if your subwoofer digital AES/EBU port is the one connected to the DAW/Interface rather then one of the other 5 inputs (analogue).


May not help you but just in case !