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8340 sound signature and input lag

milyagu, modified 2 Years ago.

8340 sound signature and input lag

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Hi all, just a bit of background info about me. I am a proud owner of a new pair of 8340’s that I picked after doing extensive research. I am new to the pro audio world and was digging through forums to figure out if I wanted hifi vs pro monitors. Eventually I auditioned a few Focal monitors and Genelecs, and was sold on the detail and clarity of the genelec. I DJ electronic music as a hobby, but mostly want to use my monitors for music listening and movies. They are on my desktop now, but I plan to move them to a living room in the coming months. When I initially purchased them, I ran a usb from my MacBook to my Klipsch Heritage headphone dac/amp and then to the genies via rca to xlr adapters/Mogami xlr cables while awaiting my Gustard U16 DDC. The dac is warm sounding and I was blown away by the quality. Fast forward to today, and I received my U16 and am going from my MacBook via usb to the U16, and out to the genies using Redco AES cables. After running GLM and setting them up digitally, the difference is amazing! It’s as if a big veil had been lifted and everything is much more clear, which is what I was expected going all digital. 
this brings me to my new issue, with all the clarity, I feel that I don’t enjoy listening as much as I did with the warmer sounding headphone amp. Everything feels very airy and the tone of the bass is light and not as punchy as it was before. I know that the Genelec’s inherently have a neutral sound, but I imagine there is a way to strike middle ground where I can enjoy the music and potentially have some warmth to it. I don’t know if this is stemming from connecting digitally, or is this the sound signature of the Gustard U16. I would love to hear other opinions on the matter, and if this is indeed how Genelecs are meant to sound, is there anything I can do to strike a nice balance such as with the Klipsch DAC, but also retain the amazing clarity of connecting digitally? I am planning on upgrading eventually to the RME ADI 2 pro fs eventually, but am unsure as to how that would sound in comparison. Would I fare better just by connecting via DAC and doing an additional D/A conversion just to color the sound a bit? Excuse me if all this is very amateur, I just love amazing sound and am trying to find the perfect home audio solution. Thanks in advance and sorry for the lengthy post!! 

PS: After connected digitally via the U16, there is a noticeable lag when I play or stop audio. I imagine that when watching movies this would be a huge issue, can anyone direct me forwards the problem?