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Standard Loudness SPL feature

rand777, modified 2 Years ago.

Standard Loudness SPL feature

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After trying the Standard Loudness SPL feature following the instructions in the manual, it seemed to work but I couldn’t get any sound out of the speakers immediately afterwards. I tried restoring my previous settings from the cloud, restoring factory defaults to the speakers, but still no sound. 

Then I noticed that if I turn the volume all the way up with the volume controller I could faintly hear music coming from the speakers. Then I tried re-calibrating the speakers, and I could hear the generated sounds like normal, but afterwards still I could only hear music through the speakers faintly near the highest volume setting using the volume controller.

Then I tried deleting the group I had duplicated in GLM to use the SPL loundness feature and rebooted. Suddenly I could get sound from the speakers but the volume was now much louder than before at the same volume setting. For example, If it set the volume controller to -65.0 dB it sounds about as loud as it used to sound at around -35dB. I used to listen with the volume controller up to -15dB when I was on the other side of the room, but there is no way I could turn the volume controller that loud now. 

To get the GLM microphone to show around 72dB at the listening position (1 meter from speakers) I set the master level to -57.0 dB using the volume controller. Before I had to set the volume much higher to get a reading of  72dB at 1 meter.

Somehow using the SPL loudness feature seems to have made everything much louder now. I’ve only had my speakers for about a week so I don’t know if I’ve somehow unlocked their true potential or if the previous volume level was correct.

My setup is:

macbook pro (usb) -> Matrix SPDIF 2 (XLR.AES) -> Genelec 8341s + 2x7350

In Roon I’m using fixed volume and using the Genelec volume controller to adjust volume.