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7350A sub + 8330 monitors issue, help please

lsalicis, modified 3 Years ago.

7350A sub + 8330 monitors issue, help please

Youngling Posts: 0 Join Date: 9/11/20 Recent Posts

Hi Genelec community,

Setting up my new system and thought I was done when I ran Into a problem.  One of the monitors is playing at a slightly higher volume than the other.  I can tell for sure when I bring my audio interface volume down and only hear output from the left monitor.  I’ve checked my cords and connections and everything seems to be in order.  With the SAM models, I understand there’s no volume control on any of the subs or monitors and they are balanced until you connect the GLM kit and the softwares, which I haven’t purchased yet.  What do you all think the issue is?  


My connections go:

audio interface quarter out > xlr sub in > out xlr > in monitor.  


I tried switching the monitors, same problem.  I switched the quarter inch + xlr cables, same problem.  I tried switching the xlr + xlr cables, same problem.  Seems like the only other source of the problem I can think of is the subwoofer and it’s analog set up being messed up.  I don’t understand and hope that’s not the case.   

Can attach pics if you want them,



janne-koo, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: 7350A sub + 8330 monitors issue, help please

Padawan Posts: 73 Join Date: 10/26/15 Recent Posts

Just my two cents... Same set here.

Reset the monitors to factory defaults to lose any possible calibration settings, 10 s on the power buttons should do it; If this fixes things, someone's been playing with your monitors before you. I don't think the sub can be reset without GLM, but it shouldn't matter at all in this case.

Try another signal source (another interface, preamp, whatever) and a stable test tone; The interface is the most likely source of problems.

The analog connections on the 7350 are probably not the cause (it's a pass through) - try bypassing it anyway, connect the cables end-to-end and re-test.

You're missing out on all the goodness without the GLM kit to calibrate the setup and the nice and hefty wired volume knob, though. GLM would help to diagnose the issue too, at least a bit, as you can easily monitor individual input and output levels. Also, you could go digital (S/PDIF works perfectly well).