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Room acoustic/bass trapping with GLM

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Room acoustic/bass trapping with GLM

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i moved into a better room with my 8331a monitors.

My room dimensions are 13 feet wide, 12 feet long with 8 foot ceilings.

I have a total of 19 traps.

real traps and GIK—

I have four 2x4 feet, 6 inch thick fat mondo traps from real traps standing on the floor straddling the corner that way it gets the corner and the floor.

I have 10 gik 244 bass traps that are 2 feet by 4 feet and 5 inches thick and here is where i placed them--

 2 traps for the ceiling cloud which have a 4 inch air gap above my mix position, i have one trap left and right at the reflection points also with a 4 inch air gap.

I have another cloud of two traps above my drum kit in the back of the room also with a 4 inch air gap.

Also another 2 traps on each side wall in the middle of the room, 4 inch gap.

I have three GIK Alpha pro series absorber/diffusers in the rear of the room that are 2 feet by 4 feet and 6.5 inches thick directly against the wall.

I have two GIK evolution polyfusers which are absorbers and diffusion that are 2x4 and 5 inches thick on the rear side walls facing the drum kit.

Here rew some pictures of my room and the before and after graphs.

 the first graphs are without any traps in the room and the second graphs are with all 19 traps.

I see some improvement here and there but not that much.

I spent a lot of money here but maybe my placement could be better.

it sounds amazing even when I walk around the entire room while listening to music.

I don’t hear many bass issues

Derek Reese.