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Small room treatment, 2 x 8351A+ 7370

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Small room treatment, 2 x 8351A+ 7370

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I have small room 2,7m x 4,5m. I have installed two 8351 and 7870 sub is supposed to come next week from factory. Just now have understood that maybe I should invest on room treatment. My main focus is listening music and watching movies comes second. I'm not doing any mixing or anything related to making music.

I am looking for rich and precise soundscape and I don't have many complaints about upper frequencies, yet. So I'm planning to focus on getting lower better. As mentioned earlier the sub is yet to come.

Attached are rough blueprint of room and speaker placement ( unit is on meters) and glm results.

What I have noticed from different locations of room was that:

-without room correction in the middle of the room ( which is the only possible place to sit) is all most dead zone for low frequencies, closer to speakers I thought that sound was much fuller and close to back wall bass is really loud.

-with room correction things do get better, but not as much as I was hoping.

In the blueprint on orange you can see how I figured I should try to resolve problem with bass trapping, to which I was thinking using woodfibre insulation. Rooms walls are made from insulated leca blocks ( light concrete blocks) on them I have 3cm rockwool and little air gap before wood panels. Rooms roof is made from wood and floor is made from rock. I was not thinking to do anything with roof and for the floor I was thinking putting on a thick rug.

My questions are: have I understood correctly what I should do for better sound for my use? Is there something I should take into consideration also? Do I need to ask professional  to come and evaluate how to address my problems?

Thanks for an advance Jere