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Add GLM sub to 1031s (or replace with 8320 / 7350

pressure, modified 3 Years ago.

Add GLM sub to 1031s (or replace with 8320 / 7350

Youngling Posts: 3 Join Date: 5/20/16 Recent Posts

I have an old, second hand pair of Genelec 1031s as my main studio monitors. They've done me well, but I feel they may be past their best. I make sub-heavy dance music (garage, jungle, dubstep) and I feel their low end is somewhat lacking unless I sit in a corner. 

I also think the tweeters are touch rough. For comparison, I have Genelec 8040s as the front three of my home cinema and they sound much more open and sweet. 

My questions therefore are:

As an interim measure, would it be worth adding a 7350 sub with GLM to the 1031s to fill out the low end? The DSP would only work on the sub, so integration won't be as good as if GLM was doing both speakers, but I suspect this would be a big upgrade?

Would 8320s and a 7350 and GLM be an adequate replacement for 1031s, even if they are not in the same class? I rarely listen very loud, and my room is only 3m x 5m, so I suspect 8320s and DSP could be a very good solution. 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

lukester, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: Add GLM sub to 1031s (or replace with 8320 / 7350

Jedi Master Posts: 296 Join Date: 4/22/10 Recent Posts

yeah, combining 7350 with 1031 is a bit tricky.
The sub doesn't filter the output, you'd have to have external crossover.
​​​​​​​Bigger 7360 can filter analog.
​​​​​​​Digital speaker is about 80cm slower than analog, shouldn't matter much IRL

As for an upgrade: I'd urge you to make it at least 8331. Genelec coax is really good!
​​​​​​​Seen some fairly cheap used 8351s online recently.