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The Ones distortion questions/remarks

Some one, modified 2 Years ago.

The Ones distortion questions/remarks

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after having analysed the quite trustworthy measurements from SoundAndRecording for the 8351A, 8361A and some competing monitors, I have a few questions as a prospective 8351B (or C?) buyer concerning distortion (measurements attached):

  • While I expect round woofers of similar area to be a lot better in the bass department, that 150~200 Hz dip in output from the 8361A shows woofers that can't really keep up with the exceptional midrange. (Not looking at the 8351A as the racetrack woofer as been redesigned significantly since then).
  • More worrying, as distortion matters a lot more up there, the tweeter is also left behind by the competition, but without any apparent compromise to justify it:
    Be it the similarly sized and loaded Neumann tweeter (crossing 800 Hz lower!) that can play up to 10 dB louder in the KH420 and almost as loud in the KH310 or the way less loaded off-the-shelf Seas DXT in the Kii Three that also has a 5 dB advantage, the tweeter from the Ones doesn't seem to be as good as it could be.
  • Related to all of this, Genelec's public distortion specs are leaving us in the dark when wanting to know such things. Neumann, for example, publish such "maximum SPL" curves, and even some harmonic detail of 2nd and 3rd at multiple levels across the spectrum (cf KH420's specs).
    Genelec could at least match this detail (including IMD) or even lead the way by using perceptually useful metrics like GedLee's or this.

While I may look like a harsh critic, please be assured that I'm acting in complete good faith and only want to see what I consider to be the overall best speaker manufacturer fill some puzzling gaps.



Patrick F., modified 2 Years ago.

RE: The Ones distortion questions/remarks

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Music does not contain the same energy at all frequencies -

The SPL capability of the 8361 mostly matches the music distribution (except for low frequency limitations):


Some one, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: The Ones distortion questions/remarks

Youngling Posts: 3 Join Date: 4/29/20 Recent Posts

While this is completely true, a third parameter is missing: the fact that distortion becomes more audible as frequency goes up.

See this article by Axiom about the matter. Some curves from it: